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Participants: RealityProf [RP], AneristArchivist [AA]

[AA] so I hear Richard the late lamented Third finally got his re-internment
[AA] I love it when a Plantaganet comes together
[RP] …
[RP] You are why I drink, Edward Kensington-James.


Been hearing chatter from a number of students. Scuttling sounds, brief glimpses of small black *somethings* darting in and out of the shadows around campus. Hopefully it’s rats.

Oh gods please let it be rats. Something simple and straightforward. Something I can recount to a stranger without getting *that* look in response, just one thing that makes sense beyond this insane asylum of a town.

Let me please have this.

This week’s movie night at Melt and Drakes is taking the form of a Star Blazers marathon. We are currently in serious talks with Elandra Desmond regarding the practicalities of installing a Wave Motion Cannon onto the HMS Victory.

ChatterFox© Client
Participants: RealityProf [RP], AneristArchivist [AA]

[AA] ok my turn for lucid nocturnal nonsense
[AA] all aboard the crazy train, detour at Bullshit Junction likely
[RP] Lies and Slander. I find the inner workings of your mind palace to be a locale both fascinating and rich with psychological insight.
[AA] nothing to do with spinning my delirium into phat loots on the lecture circuit?
[RP] My thesis was on a civilisation comprised of magic books and a slave race of teleporting ant people
[RP] There is a reason I am not taken seriously in legitimate academia.
[RP] But that’s neither here nor there. Continue.
[AA] So in this dream
[AA] I come across an ex of mine whilst browsing certain periodicals
[AA] and discover evidence that she has become shall we say
[AA] a participant in certain sordid celluloid missives
[AA] to wit – an adult film actress
[AA] highly regarded, allegedly. Trophies and whatnot.
[RP] …
[AA] you’re reeling at the possibilities, aren’t you
[AA] take your time.
[RP] I’m reeling, certainly.
[RP] An ex I am acquainted with?
[AA] I shall not say, only that she would be the last person I’d expect to take that swerve of a career change.
[RP] Dare I ask where the crazy train gets uncoupled?
[AA] That’s just it
[AA] I spent the remainder of it fact checking, questioning sources and applying liberal use of Reverse Imagesearch
[AA] on this point – and this point alone, for the first time in my life I am consciously aware of – I needed total and absolute, stand-up-in-court verification
[AA] Do you understand me
[AA] Can you grasp the extent of my heinous crime
[AA] When confronted with the possibility that an ex I left on reasonably good terms with was putting her years of equestrianism to the best possible use
[AA] I chose to spend the short time I had
[AA] in a dreamscape of limitless possibility that I had *total* control over
[AA] going full Randi.
[RP] …
[RP] Well.
[RP] A change of pace from the norm, certainly.
[RP] And from one viewpoint, your restraint is really quite admirable.
[AA] To blazes and buggery with admirable
[AA] Ive been in a cold sweat for the past 7 hours
[AA] trawled through many social networking sites the adverts I’ve been getting are now tailored to either the criminally insane or recently deceased
[AA] and this translation of the Revelations of Glaaki I’m working on is not helping
[AA] to the point I’m dangerously close to inventing an entirely new subgenre of erotica
[AA] to fix my clearly broken mind
[AA] …
[AA] …
[AA] You’re making notes on all of this aren’t you
[RP] Have been for some time, yes.

Done and done, the pile is no more.

Now I realise why a film focusing on Dr. Henry Jones Jnr. doing his damn job for once would be the most boring thing put to a visual medium.

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Participants: RealityProf [RP], EchoOfDni [EOD]

[RP] That’s the third mock exam I’ve read comparing the original inhabitants of D’ni with Morlocks.
[RP] Its official
[RP] They’re screwing with me.
[EOD] They’re students, dear.
[EOD] It’s what they do.
[EOD] They have unions and everything.
[RP] Always a bad sign. Something must be done.
[EOD] About unions? We can let you borrow Ron Paul if you like.
[RP] HAH. No thanks.
[RP] You’ve read Duke’s blog. He’d be lucky to escape an interview with one functioning limb.
[RP] Although a blimp full of gold could come in handy…
[EOD] Mmm, airship piracy.
[RP] I was thinking duels with swords
[RP] Possibly over the Houses of Parliament in the middle of a thunderstorm.
[RP] Abney Park blaring, the chimes of Big Ben sounding out throughout the land
[RP] Punctuated with the clashing flurry of shining blades
[RP] The stuff of epics writ large.
[EOD] You’ve thought about this before, haven’t you.
[RP] Not at all.
[RP] (Yes I have.)

As I sift through this massive pile of mock exam submissions, I realise that it has been a little over four months since anyone has tried to end my life, human or otherwise.

Trying to decide my preference between finishing the lot tonight or facing a harpoon in the throat from one of his Fearship’s miremen.

This is not an easy choice.