ChatterFox© Client
Participants: RealityProf [RP], AneristArchivist [AA]

[RP] so I’ve just woken from a dream
[RP] where everything was run by cats.
[AA] …
[AA] We talking shadowy cabal, or legitimate system of governance here
[RP] Politicians, law enforcement, all authenticated twitter celebrities
[RP] Everything was cats
[AA] I can’t imagine much was getting done
[AA] Cats are not known for their long-term agendas and administrative savvy
[RP] That was the thing
[RP] All seemed to function smoothly
[RP] No chaos or protests or suspicious killings involving scratches and the occasional playbite
[RP] I fear I have seen a glimpse of the future and it is whiskers in shoes.
[AA] We must inform the Internet. This could be a game changer, people should be warned.
[RP] I feel I would have trouble getting the word out
[RP] For a number of reasons


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