ChatterFox© Client
Participants: RealityProf [RP], EchoOfDni [EOD]

[RP] That’s the third mock exam I’ve read comparing the original inhabitants of D’ni with Morlocks.
[RP] Its official
[RP] They’re screwing with me.
[EOD] They’re students, dear.
[EOD] It’s what they do.
[EOD] They have unions and everything.
[RP] Always a bad sign. Something must be done.
[EOD] About unions? We can let you borrow Ron Paul if you like.
[RP] HAH. No thanks.
[RP] You’ve read Duke’s blog. He’d be lucky to escape an interview with one functioning limb.
[RP] Although a blimp full of gold could come in handy…
[EOD] Mmm, airship piracy.
[RP] I was thinking duels with swords
[RP] Possibly over the Houses of Parliament in the middle of a thunderstorm.
[RP] Abney Park blaring, the chimes of Big Ben sounding out throughout the land
[RP] Punctuated with the clashing flurry of shining blades
[RP] The stuff of epics writ large.
[EOD] You’ve thought about this before, haven’t you.
[RP] Not at all.
[RP] (Yes I have.)


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